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Arganic Meets the King of Fusion Food!

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Arganic Meets the King of Fusion Food!

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It’s okay to get excited once in a while isn’t it!? Well we were definitely excited when Peter Gordon of The Providores tried our oil and thought it was delicious, he even commented on how much he loved the packaging!  Here is a picture of him and Arganic founder Dana at The Soho Food Feast last month. The best thing was how lovely and approachable he was. While Arganic is still a very young company, it’s been a great journey so far and we have a good feeling about the months ahead!

Arganic’s Television Debut!

Tune into the Food Network UK on Monday 25th June at 7pm to watch the first episode of the series ‘Jenny Morris Cooks Morocco‘. We were lucky enough to meet South African Celebrity chef Jenny Morris and taste her truly delicious dishes. She is full of life and embraces different cultures. Here we see her touring Morocco looking for hidden foodie finds. What’s more is that you will spot us and our lovely producers in the forthcoming Essaouira episode of the series!