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How To Make Traditional Amlou

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How To Make Traditional Amlou

Amlou Almond Butter Moroccan Amlour TraditionalTraditional Amlou

Amlou is an addictive and decadent dip made from argan oil, ground almonds, and honey. This delicacy, which is rumoured to be an aphrodisiac, would traditionally be given as a gift to newlyweds.  It comes from the Berber region in Morocco where it has been made for centuries using ingredients which are found richly in the area.

On our recent team trip to the Berber villages 20km from Essaouira, Morocco, we had the pleasure of making traditional Amlou with Amina, a Berber Moroccan woman who we work with to produce our argan oil. We were so excited about taking some home to our loved ones and are pleased to share this simple recipe with you.


  • 250g Toasted Almonds

  • 100ml Culinary Argan Oil

  • Honey to taste

Traditional Method:

Dry roast the almonds in a pan with their skin to produce a smokey flavour and a tasty crunch.

Using a hand held grinder – similar to that you would grind coffee beans – we scooped spoonfuls of the nuts into the grinder and coated them liberally with argan oil.

As you grind, gradually top up with nuts and oil in. 

Once you have a smooth paste stir in the honey to taste.

The consistency should be a bit runnier than a traditional nut butter.

Amlou Moroccan Nut Butter Argan Oil Arganic

Tips or equivalent;

  • Honey can be omitted
  • Best to do by hand than via a food processor
  • Although not traditional – a pinch of salt works well. 

Typically Amlou is served at breakfast to dip bread in however, the versatility of the ingredients means it can be used to accompany sweet or savoury dishes.

Almond Argan Oil Arganic Amlou Moroccan

Dana’s Top Skincare Tips!

Dana Elemara, Skin Tips, Arganic, Founder, Entrepreneur, Arabic, Iraqi, Role Model, Argan Oil

What a weekend! We had such fun at Fare Healthy where our founder, Dana, spoke on a Soil Association panel where she discussed organic beauty. 

We wanted to pull together some of our top skin tips to share with you and thought what better person to ask than Arganic founder herself. 

 Quite often Dana gets mistaken for being in her early twenties – when actually she is sneaking her way through the dirty thirties -so we thought she might know a thing or two about skincare.


Dana’s Top Skincare Tips:

Avoid the wrong fats: 

Healthy fat is essential for good skin, however, greasy food will eventually show up in your skin giving you clogged pores and blackheads. This means cutting down on those packets of crisps and fried foods and getting most of your fats from cold pressed ‘drizzling oils’, such as olive or argan.

Invest in a very good daily moisturiser:

Cheaply made emulsions will sit on your skin and never quite sink in. These are lethal as they will clog your pores and also ruin the oil balance of your skin. If you are on a budget I recommend something from Weleda otherwise I swear by Caudalie’s moisturiser and I’m also a fan of Ila spa

Foundation is the devil: 

It doesn’t let your skin breathe and really contributes to poor complexion and spots, the more you get used to using it, the more you feel like you need it. I recommend tackling this slowly but surely. Start to wean yourself off by using a tinted moisturiser, I love Caudalie’s Radiance Tinted Moisturizer. We all have different skin tones and you need to make sure the colour works for you. I blend the two shades they have to my liking depending on how tanned I am. 

Ultimately I’m a fan of pressed or loose powders, they even your skin tone and are far better for the skin than a liquid. I really recommend Dr Hauschka’s powders, they are natural and importantly they work very well – it’s a no-brainer. When you are on holiday or working from home etc. use this as an excuse to go completely make-up free. Over time this practice will have a dramatic effect and you will start to feel uncomfortable when you wear thick make-up.

I’m a big fan of eyeliner. You can subtly perk up your look without clogging your pores and sometimes the eyes will divert the attention away from the skin. Once in a while, you can do the full works and enjoy the impact!


Clean makeup brushes! Clean pillows! Clean hands touching your skin, please!

Fresh fruit and veg will make your skin glow:

I eat a lot of raw fruit and veg. The vitamins and nutrients provided are just what your skin needs to flourish. When I miss out for a few days when I’m travelling and my diet is restricted I do notice the difference in my skin. Top up on your 5-a-day! 

argan fruit argan oil arganic wholesale

Argan oil:

This is genuinely one of the best things that happened to my skin. I used to be afraid of trying argan oil on the face since I had combination skin – oh how wrong was I!

Adding a non-greasy, easily absorbed oil like pure argan oil to your skin, means that your skin will stop producing as much oil. Thanks to this and the ridiculously high vitamin E content, it simply improved the condition of my skin. I no longer have combination skin and now I have a much more even complexion. I only need to use it 3 nights a week (in place of moisturiser) but I can’t be without it! 

There is no better feeling than being completely content with your bare skin. I’ve worked hard to get to this stage and so hope you will give my tips a try!

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