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Amlou is an addictive and decadent dip made from argan oil, ground almonds, and honey. This delicacy, which is rumoured to be an aphrodisiac, would traditionally be given as a gift to newlyweds.  It comes from the Berber region in Morocco where it has been made for centuries using ingredients which are found richly in the area.

On our recent team trip to the Berber villages 20km from Essaouira, Morocco, we had the pleasure of making traditional Amlou with Amina, a Berber Moroccan woman who we work with to produce our argan oil. We were so excited about taking some home to our loved ones and are pleased to share this simple recipe with you.


  • 250g Toasted Almonds

  • 100ml Culinary Argan Oil

  • Honey to taste

Traditional Method:

Dry roast the almonds in a pan with their skin to produce a smokey flavour and a tasty crunch.

Using a hand held grinder – similar to that you would grind coffee beans – we scooped spoonfuls of the nuts into the grinder and coated them liberally with argan oil.

As you grind, gradually top up with nuts and oil in. 

Once you have a smooth paste stir in the honey to taste.

The consistency should be a bit runnier than a traditional nut butter.

Amlou Moroccan Nut Butter Argan Oil Arganic

Tips or equivalent;

  • Honey can be omitted
  • Best to do by hand than via a food processor
  • Although not traditional – a pinch of salt works well. 

Typically Amlou is served at breakfast to dip bread in however, the versatility of the ingredients means it can be used to accompany sweet or savoury dishes.

Almond Argan Oil Arganic Amlou Moroccan

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