The recent launch of our culinary argan oil in Marks and Spencers stores nationwide, marked a truly exciting milestone on the Arganic journey. To celebrate, we decided to invite our favourite foodies to Jago restaurant for an indulgent Moorish style brunch.

 The lovely team at Jago, carefully constructed the menu to showcase the oil’s wonderful versatility..


We had some great responses from our guests, here are a few of our favourite snaps…

1 @symmetrybreakfast




We were so humbled by the turnout of the event which included some of the people we most admire in the UK food industry.

It also seems that the news of our brunch got around fast and wide, and one of our favourite bloggers in the UAE reinvented Jago’s delicious fig dish the very next morning..


While we are here, we would like to remind you that you can purchase our culinary argan oil at Jones the Grocer stores in the UAE.

The Arganic Team