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Dana’s Top Skincare Tips!

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What a weekend! We had such fun at Fare Healthy where our founder, Dana, spoke on a Soil Association panel where she discussed organic beauty. 

We wanted to pull together some of our top skin tips to share with you and thought what better person to ask than Arganic founder herself. 

 Quite often Dana gets mistaken for being in her early twenties – when actually she is sneaking her way through the dirty thirties -so we thought she might know a thing or two about skincare.


Dana’s Top Skincare Tips:

Avoid the wrong fats: 

Healthy fat is essential for good skin, however, greasy food will eventually show up in your skin giving you clogged pores and blackheads. This means cutting down on those packets of crisps and fried foods and getting most of your fats from cold pressed ‘drizzling oils’, such as olive or argan.

Invest in a very good daily moisturiser:

Cheaply made emulsions will sit on your skin and never quite sink in. These are lethal as they will clog your pores and also ruin the oil balance of your skin. If you are on a budget I recommend something from Weleda otherwise I swear by Caudalie’s moisturiser and I’m also a fan of Ila spa

Foundation is the devil: 

It doesn’t let your skin breathe and really contributes to poor complexion and spots, the more you get used to using it, the more you feel like you need it. I recommend tackling this slowly but surely. Start to wean yourself off by using a tinted moisturiser, I love Caudalie’s Radiance Tinted Moisturizer. We all have different skin tones and you need to make sure the colour works for you. I blend the two shades they have to my liking depending on how tanned I am. 

Ultimately I’m a fan of pressed or loose powders, they even your skin tone and are far better for the skin than a liquid. I really recommend Dr Hauschka’s powders, they are natural and importantly they work very well – it’s a no-brainer. When you are on holiday or working from home etc. use this as an excuse to go completely make-up free. Over time this practice will have a dramatic effect and you will start to feel uncomfortable when you wear thick make-up.

I’m a big fan of eyeliner. You can subtly perk up your look without clogging your pores and sometimes the eyes will divert the attention away from the skin. Once in a while, you can do the full works and enjoy the impact!


Clean makeup brushes! Clean pillows! Clean hands touching your skin, please!

Fresh fruit and veg will make your skin glow:

I eat a lot of raw fruit and veg. The vitamins and nutrients provided are just what your skin needs to flourish. When I miss out for a few days when I’m travelling and my diet is restricted I do notice the difference in my skin. Top up on your 5-a-day! 

argan fruit argan oil arganic wholesale

Argan oil:

This is genuinely one of the best things that happened to my skin. I used to be afraid of trying argan oil on the face since I had combination skin – oh how wrong was I!

Adding a non-greasy, easily absorbed oil like pure argan oil to your skin, means that your skin will stop producing as much oil. Thanks to this and the ridiculously high vitamin E content, it simply improved the condition of my skin. I no longer have combination skin and now I have a much more even complexion. I only need to use it 3 nights a week (in place of moisturiser) but I can’t be without it! 

There is no better feeling than being completely content with your bare skin. I’ve worked hard to get to this stage and so hope you will give my tips a try!

Buy Cosmetic Argan Oil Here!

Welcome to our New Website!

Hello and welcome to our new website, it feels like we have come a long way from when we sold our first bottle of Arganic outside of our friend and family circle. We still find it surreal so see what once was a dream being sold in the likes of Selfridges! We will be posting on here regularly on the type of things we love, and our tops tips in food, travel and wellness.

We thought you might like to watch this recent video which shows a bit about us and how we work!

Arganic Founder Dana Elemara meets the Prime Minister

One of the most memorable moments in our young history took place earlier this month when Arganic founder Dana Elemara was invited to meet none other than David Cameron. On September 12th, the Prime Minister announced the creation of a £69 million package to support young enterprises and held an exclusive reception at No. 10 Downing Street. Having started her company less than two years ago herself, Elemara got to present Arganic as an example of inspiring youth enterprise at the prestigious event.

The occasion has also led to a great deal of interest in our founder who was in fact asked to speak on LBC Radio later that day. Our highlight, however, was definitely introducing David Cameron to our delicious oil and learning that he is a big fan!

Arganic is proud to supply our customers with an oil that has unique health benefits while simultaneously helping Morocco’s Berber women and preventing the UNESCO-protected argan tree from being cut down. Seeing our efforts recognized by the British government was a big honour.

Our launch at Partridges!

partridges food market arganic london markets arganic
We were delighted to get a chance to showcase our oil at the lovely family run grocer Partridges in Chelsea. Our debut went well, and you can now purchase our oil in store! We recommend visiting on a Saturday when they also have an outdoor food market with a very high standard of hot food and products. Perhaps check out the Saatchi Gallery too while you are there!  If you missed our first tasting session we will be back  on Sunday 17th June from 4-7pm where you can come and say hi and try before you buy!

Arganic Founder in the Shortlist for Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award!

Babes in the wood

27 year old Arganic founder Dana Elemara has been named as one of the final 8 candidates for  Shell LiveWIRE’s annual Young Entrepeneur of the Year award. Dana previously won a Grand Ideas Award from Shell LiveWIRE with this winning pitch. She then fought off competition against hundreds of hopefulls and will now undergo  a rigerous independent judging process by a panel of 8 business experts. We are thrilled and have our fingers and toes crossed!

Shell LiveWire Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

shell oil dana elemara arganic argan oil entrepreneur

If being a young entrepreneur was a book, one of the most constantly re-occurring themes in it would be the struggle to make time. And so it appears that this article is admittedly a tad late. This, however, doesn’t change anything about how pleased we are to announce the great ‘news’!

Beating out nearly 800 contestants, Dana Elemara, founder of Arganic, was named one of the eight finalists for the prestigious Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award after winning the programme’s recognition for Grand Ideas in November! Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2012, the Award has a long history of supporting young businesses of which a vast number have grown into remarkable companies that once stood out for an idea and now have a serious impact on the UK’s industrial landscape.

The award including a £10,000 prize was won by Ben Allen, founder of Oomph Wellness. Dana was thrilled over the accomplishment of being in the final 8 after going through a multitude of tough rounds of judging. Seeing her entrepreneurial abilities recognized by such a prestigious scheme, she explained:

“I left a well paid job at an investment bank because I was so hungry to start my own business and really wanted to use my creative side. Shell LiveWIRE has been fantastic, and really has given me confidence in myself as an entrepreneur.”

We at Arganic are glad Shell LiveWIRE added this important chapter to our steadily-growing book and if ever we should be nominated for an award again, we promise to make time a bit sooner to share the news with our faithful readers.