Culinary Uses

A nutty-tasting oil used for centuries by the Berber people of Morocco. It boasts a Vitamin E content three times higher than that of olive oil’s and has been proven to aid digestion and help maintain a healthy heart.

Made from cold-pressed, lightly toasted argan kernels.

Here are some of our favourite ways to use argan oil:

Simple and Delicious: Don’t over complicate things. Argan oil is a delicate flavour and extremely precious so don’t let it get lost in a sea of overwhelming flavours. Garnishing a salad, risotto or pasta with argan oil is enough to transform a dish.

Healthy Grains: Try using it with slow releasing carbohydrates. They are incredibly healthy and have an earthy flavour, complementing the argan oil perfectly. Try it with: millet, amaranth, kamut and quinoa.

Veggies: Use it on vegetable dishes like; grilled aubergine, green beans, cabbage, charred mushrooms, sweet potato, asparagus, sprouts and pumpkin.

Chargrill: Chargrilling or dry frying veggies gives them a beautiful colour and smoky taste. Drizzling on the top works a dream.

Pulses, Soups and Dips: Use argan oil as a final garnish to houmous, or other chickpea and bean dishes.

Nuts and Seeds: Nuts and Seeds are delicious and a great compliment to the natural nuttiness in argan oil.

Rustic and Easy: Why not just grab a rustic piece of bread and dunk in the argan oil? This way you can truly enjoy its natural fragrance. Add some fresh sea salt or pomegranate molasses for variation

Porridge: You will be surprised at how much a drizzle of argan oil can transform your breakfast. Turn the humble porridge into an exciting morning treat. Why not throw in some nuts, dates and figs as well?

Desserts: There is no reason to stick to only savoury dishes. Argan oil can add a new dimension to fruit, chocolate dishes as well as when drizzled over ice cream.


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Culinary argan oil in argan seeds