Arganic at Markets

Since the start of Arganic, markets have played a pivotal role in our journey, helping us grow to where we are today.


From our humble beginnings at Maltby Street Marketwhen it was then known as the ‘secret’ place to discover authentic food gems, to Partridges Market in the beautiful Duke of York Squareand the enchanting Rosewood Hotel Slow Living Market.

 At these markets, our founder Dana Elemara ‘The Argan Oil Lady’ would be found every weekend spreading the love for this ancient ingredient. These spaces have given us the opportunity to meet our amazing customers and hear your feedback while sharing our passion and story that lies behind everything that we do. 

As a small team of three and a growing international business, sadly we are not in a position to continue the markets on a regular basis. 

But we want to let you know that we are still here!


Our online shop is home to our cosmetic and culinary oil if you wish to top up.

Or if you want to contact us directly, please email or call 020 8150 1203.


We look forward to hearing from you!

Argan Tree In Morocco Magnificent