Our Story

Dana Elemara Arganic

The Arganic journey started when Dana Elemara decided to make a meaningful impact on the world, which is why she left a well paid career at investment bank Goldman Sachs to engage in something she could truly put her heart into.

Since we launched at the eclectic Maltby Street Market London in 2012 we have grown in an organic way, focusing foremost to be the best at what we do, not necessarily the biggest. We pride ourselves on our close relationships with both our clients and suppliers who value our ethos and principles.

“We love your argan oil” 

From our London base, we work directly with our partner farm Sidi Yassine in a beautiful village in the south west of Morocco to produce fully traceable, organic argan oil. Our level of attention to detail and provenance has led to us winning several accolades. The production of our oil provides jobs for over 600 Berber women who get paid fairly for their craft. By benefiting the local people we also help to look after and preserve the UNESCO protected argania spinosa tree, a species exclusive to Morocco which has been around since the dinosaurs roamed the planet.

Through our wholesale as well as retail channels you might find our cosmetic oil in some of your favourite anti-ageing and hair care products. The Telegraph credited us with bringing argan oil to the tables of UK kitchens and we also supply Arganic to some of the best chefs in the world.