What Our Customers Say


Cosmetic Oil 

The most important feedback we get is that of our customers and we would like to share it with you.

Sensitive Skin: 

“I have really sensitive skin that tends to both dryness and outbreaks, and this is the best thing I’ve ever found. 
It sinks in really quickly and isn’t greasy.”

Oily Skin: 

“Try it if you have skin as bad as mine – I naturally have incredibly porous and oily skin so was sceptical to try an oil. 
I’ve been using it for a little over two weeks and my skin is more even toned/ my pores have gone down DRAMATICALLY.”

Moisturising / Anti-ageing: 

“I use it every other day on my skin and it has now replaced my Night Cream and Midnight Oil.
It’s not greasy and it’s fantastic on the backs of hands and also on the neck to keep the skin looking youthful.”


 “After recently finishing chemotherapy and radiotherapy I wanted to use something organic and this oil has really made a
difference to the condition of my hair and skin. Much better than anything else I’ve tried.”

Skin conditions: 

“I thought that you would like to know that your products have had a remarkable effect on Petra’ s psoriasis.”


“Trying to find a product to keep my baby moisturised that isn’t loaded with ‘petroleum’ has been really tough.
After being introduced to this oil I now put a few drops in the bath with my child to keep her moisturised 
without any nasties – would recommend to any mother.”

“It’s 100% improved in texture, it looks plumper and it looks like I’ve had a facial every morning.
My sister in law is pregnant at the mo’ so I’ll be looking to buy a couple of bottles for her bump and also for baby when it arrives.”

Eyelashes/ Eyebrows: 

“It really seems to make a massive difference to my skin (complexion particularly) and also eyebrows and lashes seem to be healthier.”


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