What Makes Us Different

We are partnered with farmers Sidi Yassine in Morocco, and together we ensure that every stage of production is monitored carefully.
We are even able to trace your bottle back to the tree it came from.

We set out to be the best not the biggest and not only are we proud to be supplying a product that benefits our customers’ health
but the livelihood of others and the preservation of a UNESCO protected tree.

We help provide jobs for over 600 berber women, whose expertise in producing argan oil is unrivalled. We ensure they are paid fairly and
directly for their time. Most of these women were deprived of a formal education, and so we are involved in projects which aim to give
their children proper schooling.

For more information please email info@myarganic.co.uk

Arganic, As Good as it Gets

Our oil is 100% pure argan oil.

Our seeds are cold pressed immediately after extraction
(This is in order to avoid any oxidation and to ensure the maximum flavour and nutrient value).

We proudly operate in an ethical manner in order to benefit everyone involved.

Our oil is traceable, and we even know exactly which tree your bottle came from.

“A revelation with cashew nut like flavour from the first cold press of the seeds from the fruit of the Argan tree”
Sudi Pigott Food journalist